Arts In Education & Community Programs


The Mission of BAMSOPA In Education & Community Programs is to cultivate and energize youth and adults to experience different types of performing art forms.  Through our youth and community outreach programs, we inspire our audiences to explore their own creativity and experience the joy of performing arts thru dance, acting and singing..

Body and Music School of Performing Arts will bring our program(s) to your organization and provide a performing art experience for your community members.


Toddlers (ages 1- 2yrs) - Mommy and Me

Prek (2 - 4 yrs) - Into to Ballet & Tap

Youth (5 - 15yrs) - Ballet, Tap, Lyrical, Jazz, Hip Hop, Theater, Contemporary

Adults  (18+) - Various Dance Styles and Fitness Classes

Seniors - Various Dance Styles and Fitness Classes

Special Needs - Movement

Leadership Program 

In fulfillment of our Leadership Program, our Instructor Training Program give young people in the community the opportunity to explore their creative potential and further develop life-skills such as teamwork and self-discipline. 

High School Students are mentored as they take on the role as a lead instructor in the classroom.  

Middle School Students are Jr. Assistants in the classroom.  They work with a lead instructor and learn how to lead a class.  They are trained to assist in all aspects of the class curriculum.

Hours donated can go toward Community Service Hours.

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