Avis Goode - My pleasure!! What you do for our community is amazing and a blessing. I’m happy to help. 

Charles Holmes - Thank you for all Bamsopa does to support the lives of our Youth.

Debe Davis

Tamar Jones

Rosalyn Gaynor - Excited to be a part of Bamsopa for the day!

Kimberly Davison - Continued prayers and blessings for providing great experiences and opportunities for our youth and our community..Can't wait to be back in the fold!

Frances McDonald



Marva Forde

Cheryl Forbes

Carol Forbes

Camille Forbes

Melody Henderson

Gwen Jefferson

Tamar & Keith Forbes

Darlene & Keith Forbes


AC1 Services

Susie Hidalgo

Christoper Wimble

Fatima Hidalgo




Thank you!! We raised $6711

BAM-Giving Day

What is BAM-Giving, you ask? 

This is BAMSOPA's fundraiser where families, friends, and neighbors pledge money to support the students and staff as they donate 10 Hours of Community Service. 

Money raised will go towards our Art In Education and Community Programming.  This Fund help us to continue to bring Affordable and FREE dance classes to youth, Special Needs, Adults and Seniors in our communities.

BAM-Giving takes place on Saturday, March 30 from 10am - 8pm.

How do we raise money? 

Each student will collect pledges and donations in support of her BAM-Giving efforts.  

School Goal

Our goal is to raise at least $5000.  The money raised will go towards our Arts in Education and Community Programming.  The fund help us to keep the tuition cost Affordable and it helps us to offer Free Dance Classes to the community.  Though all of our instructors and office staff are volunteers, the day to day business of the program is a costly one.

If you or your company you work for, would like to donate prizes for our BAM-Giving Day please contact or (732) 828-1420.  Gift cards are always welcome!  Anything you think our students would like is welcomed!  We will list you as a sponsor on our BAM-Giving page on our website!

Business/Individual Sponsor Incentives:  We are a registered 501c 3..

  • Donate $100 or more - We will list your name on our website for a year, with a banner ad and link to your website. You will also receive a free Quarter Page ad in our 2019 End of Year Program
  • Donate $300 or more - The above plus a Half Page ad in our 2019 End Of Year Program
  • Donate $500 or more - the above plus upgrade End of Year Program ad to Full page.
  • Donate $1000 or more - the above plus upgrade End of Year Program ad to a colored inside Front or Back page .

     Thank you again for your participation in our BAM-Giving Fundraiser!

     BAMSPA Staff & Student Body