Who we are

It's about Building life long Relationships and Community through Performance.  

That's What We Do!

A note from our Executive Director

It’s AMAZING what we can do when We Come Together!

BAMSOPA evolved from a vision;  to provide parents an affordable option of a performing arts program for their child.  We wanted a place where any child that had a desire to dance, act or sing be able to express their talent.  Thus setting fees at an affordable rate where money would not be the reason a child could not participate in the arts.

The school inspires self esteem, confidence and team work in our youth thru structure, technical training and positive reinforcement.

BAMSOPA gives a voice to those students who struggle with words and it provides a safe place for trying new things, not getting it right the first time, but trying it again and getting high fives, hugs and "You Did It!".

BAMSOPA is hanging out at the studio all day, bringing lunch from home, laughing with instructors, students and parents. Creating memories that will last a lifetime.


Thanks for the support that make it all possible!

Mrs. Normarie McLean