Arts education

Long-term learning and practical application of knowledge are both supported when the arts are integrated.



Ms. Bam

Prior to opening up a homeschool in 2010, I worked as a Long Term Substitute at Franklin High School and I was a lead teacher for a Pre K-4 program in a private school.  When the students were not receiving the academic support I thought was needed, I asked to be let out of my contract.  BAM Homeschool Academy was created from a need to service students with an academically challenging curriculum.  The homeschool also services students that need help to get on grade level.  Working with students and identifying gaps in their education has helped many students successfully get on grade level and thrive. 

I have been the choreographer for First Baptist Church of Lincoln Garden Youth Liturgical Dance Team for the past 25 years.  This volunteer service allows me to come in contact with so many youth that have natural talent in the performing arts.  I soon came to realize that there is so much talent in our community,  but kids were not enrolled in performing art classes due to financial reasons.  In 2009 the vision of Body And Music School Of Performing Arts (BAMSOPA) was created.  By offering affordable tuition for classes, students are able to participate in either dance, voice, acting or all three!  And to add a full theatrical experience for our students, an original script is created for our performers that they perform at the end of their 10 month training.

Combining the Success of the Homeschool with the Joy of the Performing Arts will no doubt produce 

Creative Learners.    

Our Goal is to continue to make students 

Fall in Love with Learning!